TXT and SVM Capable Systems

I use Intel’s Trusted eXecution Technology and AMD’s Secure Virtual Machine to do my research. It has been a continuing adventure to find machines that support this technology.

I have successfully used an HP dc5750 (AMD SVM) to invoke the SKINIT instruction. UPDATE: The dc5750 has a bug in its south bridge that prevents PCR 17 from being updated correctly during SKINIT. However, the Dell Optiplex 740 and PowerEdge T105 machines also work and do not exhibit this problem.

At the time of this writing, Intel’s tboot project has released SINIT (aka ACM) modules for Intel’s Q35, X38, GM45, GS45, and PM45 chipsets. Regarding the GE45, I have seen a note in an HP spec pdf for the 6730b laptop that “This chipset is equivalent to the Intel GM45 Express Chipset, with the addition of support for SVideo.”

I have successfully used:
Dell Optiplex 755 (Intel TXT, Q35 chipset)
HP dc7800 (Intel Q35 chipset)
Lenovo M57p (Intel Q35 chipset)

Lenovo X301 (Q45) (I don’t recommend this system though; it has trouble rebooting and sometimes for minutes, requires power-cycling via battery removal, etc.)
Lenovo T400 (Q45)

A colleague has successfully used a Dell Optiplex 960.

My current favorites are the Dell Optiplex 740 for AMD, hp dc7800 for Intel, and Lenovo T400 for Intel laptop. I haven’t tried any AMD laptops.

Supposedly the following systems also support TXT:

Dell XPS 420 (Intel X38 chipset)
Dell Precision T3400 (Intel X38 chipset)

A word of caution: the LT.ERRORCODE register is cleared after a power cycle. The Optiplex 755 does not have a reset button, and neither does the HP dc7800, so it can be very difficult to debug when SENTER does not execute successfully.

Update: The ASUS P5E-VM DO motherboard is reported to be vPro capable with a Q35 chipset, Infineon TPM, and it does include headers for a reset button.

I’ve been testing out some HP laptops. The 6730b does not seem to include any models with TXT support. I tried an 8530p (KS169UT#ABA flavor) and it got stuck in a reboot loop upon executing SENTER, not unlike the X301. I had to return it.


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