All Pictures

The pictures themselves are links too… you can click on them.

These are some photographs that I put online manually before I switched to Gallery2. I’m slowly moving them into Gallery2.

[Spring 2006]ECE Winter Party (Bryan Parno’s site)

Superbowl XL (Bryan Parno’s site)

[Fall 2005]Steelers vs. Bengals (Bryan Parno’s site)

[Second year of grad school][Seattle.road.trip.December.2004]

[First year of grad school (Sept. 2003 – May 2004)][HOT.Schuylkill]




James Gist: [James.Gist’]

[Summer 2003 – WashPa][California.July.2003]


[Summer 2002 – Redmond, WA / Microsoft Intern (WinFS Team)][Best.of.the.West.2002]















[January 2001 – UVA 2nd year][da.Jeep]


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