Sending Data from Garmin Training Center to Garmin Connect

I’ve had some kind of personal Garmin GPS device since 2007. I like being able to track bike rides, runs, etc. The Garmin Training Center software way back then was terrible. But, they improved. They eventually released a Mac version alongside the Windows, which was great as I’ve had a Mac laptop during that interval. They kept improving. Today they have the Garmin Connect website, which meets all of my needs. I am fully prepared to embrace the cloud for this kind of thing. All of my new activities go straight to the Garmin Connect website. I don’t care about Garmin Training Center. To upload my old stuff, I first tried the following:

In Garmin Training Center, select File : Export : Export All Data. I selected a .tcx file. The file ended up being about 82 MB. I then did a manual upload on Garmin Connect, which failed the first time. It said ” An error occurred with your upload. Please try again.” I’m not surprised; that’s a big file to upload in a browser.

In looking to upload less data at once, I noticed something amazing. The “File” menu in Garmin Training Center also has an item called “Send ‘XYZ’ to Garmin Connect”. I did that once for each year.


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