Gmail Feature Suggestions

I just submitted these suggestions for improvement here.

  • I want to apply a label to an email as I draft it, so that a response that comes back is automatically labeled already. Today, I do this by clicking “View Message” immediately after clicking “Send”, but it is cumbersome.
    Update 2012-03-28: They have added this! Awesome!
  • Allow customization of subject line prefixes that suggest that a message is part of an existing conversation. E.g., I have a message in my inbox right now that is not threaded into an existing conversation, but it “should” be. Its subject currently starts with “Re: EXT :Re: Action Required: “. The “EXT” one is more annoying than the “Action Required” one, but there are others, such as “Out of Office:”, and “Re” in any of the world’s other languages.
  • Scroll the entire page when viewing the Inbox. The “new” Gmail look leaves the search bar and a few buttons permanently at the top of the screen. I would prefer to see all of my messages.
  • Update 2011.11.20: “Pop-Out” a message that I am reading, just like one can “Pop-Out” a draft email.
    Update 2012-03-28: They have added this! Awesome!
  • Update 2011.11.30: Search the contents of known extension types (e.g., *.pdf, *.doc).
  • Update 2012.07.16: Rename an attachment when composing or forwarding a message (it’s unprofessional to send Final Report (4).pdf).
  • Update 2012.07.16: Display sha1sum of attachments.
  • Update 2012.07.16: Delayed send.

The fact that these are my biggest problems with email is quite amazing.


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