Is there a better edit for crappy websites available?

Here’s the (less-common-but-still-all-too-common) scenario: I’m filling out a big web form with a lot of paragraph-sized fields. However, unlike (e.g., the editor for WordPress) modern websites, it’s just a plain HTML multi-line input field. This means there is no spell check, no ability to do any formatting, possibly horrible line wrap issues, no caching of partially complete work, and the much-greater-than-zero probability that a back button mistake will lose all of your work in progress.

Just edit in another program and paste your results, you might say? Ha! The web forms I’m talking about have many, if not tens of such fields, possibly split across multiple pages, and some of their own little length restrictions. The amount of clickery and potential for copy-paste mistakes is much too high. This solution is not satisfactory.

It does seem like this is solvable, though. A browser plug-in could, for each multi-line “paragraph” input field, pop open a smarter editing environment, e.g., in another tab. This plug-in would run everything client-side so as not to put, e.g., sensitive student data on a third party’s servers in violation of laws in many cases (e.g., editing confidential student records). Obviously this plug-in would have rich undo and local caching facilities, so that data loss is almost impossible.

Does this exist?


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