Froyo on HTC Aria (aka Intruder aka Liberty)

I used the Linux version of unrEVOked to install Clockworkmod Recovery. It’s very easy. (1) Connect the phone to the linux system (I was running 32-bit Ubuntu 9.10), (2) enable USB debug on the phone [settings > applications > development > USB Debugging] and (3) sudo ./reflash. The unrEVOked app displayed some nice status messages and everything seemed quite happy.

Now, when power-cycling the phone, hold down “volume down” when you press power. The Clockworkmod Recovery menu will come up. There are options here that allow a custom software environment to be installed. There is also a “nandroid” option to back up your existing environment. You shouldn’t need me to tell you that’s important.

I downloaded two zip files: one was, and the other was the set of Google apps from here. I copied both of these to the phone’s SDCARD, rebooted into the Recovery menu, and installed the two zip files.

Then, before rebooting, I selected the “wipe data / factory reset.”

Then, I rebooted. It worked! I had contacts, etc sync’d with google so the phone got my contacts, etc back in short order.

The Android Market remembers which Apps I’ve purchased, so I can re-download them without having to pay again. Very nice!

On the whole I am quite impressed. The only thing that was missing was this high-level set of steps. Each individual piece was fairly well documented.


Disable booting into graphical environment with recent Ubuntu

This is the most severe criticism I have for Ubuntu. It appears to be quite non-trivial to disable graphical boot. Ctrl+Alt+Backspace often breaks things. Ctrl+Alt+Fn does not switch to a text console. ./etc/init.d/gdm stop appears not to do anything. Annoying!

I just discovered that adding the word ‘text’ on the kernel command line (i.e., in your /boot/grub/menu.lst (oh wait, you’re probably using grub2; for now I’m downgrading, because I can’t stand having to remember two different inconsistent numbering schemes for my disk drives and partitions)) does something useful.