plymouth main process (341) killed by SEGV signal

I installed 32-bit Ubuntu 10.04 on an HP Elite 8100 PC. With the stock kernel, all is well. However, I custom-compiled a kernel, and upon bootup, the text messages scrolling by suddenly disappear, and a lone line of text appears at the top of the screen such as the one in the title of this post. Here’s a bug that describes the issue. I tried removing ‘quiet splash’ from the kernel command line by editing /etc/default/grub (actually, I did that before I even encountered these problems; I hate splash screens); same result. I ended up enabling a serial console so that I could see all the bootup messages. Suddenly, I realize the problems with plymouth (which is apparently more than just a splash screen package; it is the boot-time UI; thus, trying to remove it will cripple your system’s ability to, e.g., prompt you if a disk’s fsck fails) are just symptoms of a larger problem. The first obvious error message is:

udevd[1003]: failed to create queue file: No such file or directory

The real problem is that a new version of udevd requires an entry for /dev in /etc/fstab, as suggested here. I added at the end of /etc/fstab the following line:
dev /dev tmpfs rw 0 0

My system booted smoothly with my custom kernel, and this fix does not appear to have harmed the ability of the stock kernel to boot either. So, solved!


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