TPM driver for Windows XP on Dell T105

The Dell PowerEdge T105 is a nice low-cost entry-level server. Thus, Dell seems to think it should only ever run server-specific OSes. Consequently, I was unsuccessful in finding a TPM driver for this system on the normal Dell page. This system contains an STMicro TPM. I was able to find a driver for Lenovo systems that include the same TPM chip in a file with the following name: stmicro-tpm-6iza02ww.exe. Hopefully your favorite search engine can lead you to it.

I was also successful in installing Dell Embassy Trust Suite by Wave System v3.3.0.26, which I found on Dell’s site. This is the system where I tested integration of the TPM into a SAML-based single sign-on solution using, as per this post.

TPM 1.2 Version Info using the tpm_version utility in linux:
Chip Version:
Spec Level: 2
Errata Revision: 2
TPM Vendor ID: STM
TPM Version: 01010000
Manufacturer Info: 53544d20


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