Fully Automated Installation (FAI) of Ubuntu systems

For the 2009 TIW I used Debian Lenny and FAI to automatically configure all of the relevant lab machines. This year I want to use Ubuntu 9.10, which is slightly more complex as Ubuntu support in FAI is less mature. I’ve found some useful information in various places, none of which seems to be definitive. Thus, here I have pasted some useful links:

Ubuntu Jaunty FAI Howto – quite thorough, assumes the reader is fairly novice, and is configured for a German client environment, found it via here

Ubuntu 9.10 and FAI – not very detailed but suggests latest FAI packages from PPA (personal package archive?) should work for Ubuntu 9.10

FAI Multi-distribution – the “official” multi-distribution page. contains some info wrt grub and sudo for Ubuntu that I expect I will be glad to have later

Here is a page that describes adding a local directory as a package provider for apt. I found this useful for making a custom kernel available for installation, since I just used apt-proxy on my install server and did not create a full private mirror.


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