Export PDF file containing comments using Acrobat Professional

I have Acrobat Professional for OS X. I semi-frequently use it to mark-up changes on a document where it’s too complicated to print and get a modified paper copy to the intended recipient. Using the markup tools is reasonably straightforward. Producing a PDF will drive a man insane. The reasonable thing to do (in my opinion, biased by the fact that Apple includes such nice native PDF support in the print dialogs) is to try to print a marked up version and then click the PDF button to save it as a PDF.

Well, Acrobat has apparently hooked this feature and says that such support is unavailable (don’t recall the exact message). It suggests using File -> Save instead. All exploration of Save, Save As, Export, etc lead nowhere. It’s particularly frustrating as some of the buttons on the print dialog box will actually let you see a preview of the document with all of its markup, connecting lines, etc. beautifully laid out.

To get that same box with a PDF option instead of a print option, one must instead select “Summarize Comments” from the “Comments” Menu. In addition to the various options for how comments should appear, there is a button to produce a PDF.

This is not intuitive! The normal place in an Apple system appears to be consciously disabled! The advice from that disabled screen is wrong! Adobe, step it up!


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