Gallery2 vs Facebook

I have a Gallery2 installation where I put pictures online. The rest of the world from where I sit seems to prefer facebook. Google seems to suggest there’s a plugin / facebook app that can make these two play nice together. More once I’ve tried it.

Update 2009.09.17. I tried this a few weeks ago, successfully.

There’s a Facebook developer’s wiki page about it.

There’s also a Facebook application page about it.

Basically, you have to add one PHP file to your Gallery2 installation. It’s not a very long file and it seems to only read things from the database as user “guest” so I hope that means it’s pretty safe. It does enable pretty straightforward imports to facebook. Best I’ve seen so far.

I’d like for it to be able to send metadata the other direction. For example, once people have tagged themselves in the photos on facebook, push their names back to the Gallery2 installation.


emacs slow startup

I’ve become annoyed that emacs seems to take ever longer to startup. This is the result of about 6 years of piecemeal edits by an unqualified lisp programmer (me) applied to a .emacs file that was dubious to begin with.

This thread proposed a fix which worked for me! Add the following to the beginning of your .emacs:

(modify-frame-parameters nil '((wait-for-wm . nil)))