LaTeX hyperref to make a clickable PDF

In trying to put together my thesis, I’ve found it very useful to have a hyper-linked PDF where, e.g., the Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, and Bibliography are hyper-linked to the relevant sections.

% pdftex,
% dvipdf,
ps2pdf, % using ps2pdf vs pdftex
% colorlinks=true, % color the words instead of use a colored box
% urlcolor=blue, % \href{...}{...} external (URL)
% filecolor=blue, % \href{...} local file
% linkcolor=black, % \ref{...} and \pageref{...}
% citecolor=black, % \cite{}
% plainpages boolean true
% Forces page anchors to be named by the arabic form of the page number,
% rather than the formatted form.
% breaklinks boolean false
% Allows link text to break across lines; since this cannot be accommodated in
% PDF, it is only set true by default if the pdftex driver is used. This makes
% links on multiple lines into different PDF links to the same target.
% Adds ?backlink? text to the end of each item in the bibliography, as a list
% of section numbers. This can only work properly if there is a blank line
% after each \bibitem.
% bookmarksnumbered boolean false
% If Acrobat bookmarks are requested, include section numbers.
% bookmarksopen boolean false
% If Acrobat bookmarks are requested, show them with all the subtrees expanded.
pdftitle={PhD Thesis},
pdfauthor={Jonathan M. McCune},
pdfsubject={Carnegie Mellon University},
pdfpagemode=UseOutlines % None, UseThumbs, UseOutlines, FullScreen

This pages also has some useful notes about getting the Table of Contents, etc. as one may want them.


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