Prolific PL-25A1 USB-to-USB bridge in Linux

I am reporting on how I got the above-mentioned device to bridge two Debian Linux systems. One is a normal system, and the other is my BeagleBoard. In my recent BeagleBoard post, I mentioned patching and installing the necessary plusb.c driver. Once the driver is working, you will have a new usbX network interface (view with `ifconfig -a`). To send packets, I chose IP addresses for my endpoints.

On the BeagleBoard (the interface is usb1; usb0 is taken by a USB ethernet adapter):
ifconfig usb1 netmask up
route add -host usb1

On the regular x86 system:
ifconfig usb0 netmask up
route add -host usb0

Then it worked. The mailing lists claim this Prolific chip is flaky, but I’ve had good luck so far.


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