Dual booting Debian Linux and Microsoft Windows Vista

I got a new machine and it came with Windows Vista. I have no experience with Vista so I’d like to keep it around to play with when I’m in the mood for candy-colored pain. It turns out Vista can resize partitions all by itself, though it appears that it will only let you shrink a partition to half of its original size. Since this machine has a monster hard drive, this was no big deal. There were also some miscellaneous recovery partitions on the disk, and a 100-something MB partition with no apparent purpose. I blasted that feller to make room for a new primary partition, and put Debian in a few logical partitions about 250GB into the drive, just after my NTFS C: partition. The Debian installer detected the Vista installation and added two Grub entries, one for Vista and one for the Recovery whateveritis. I’ve booted both successfully. Pretty cool, as the whole thing only took an hour or so.


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