Compiling a kernel for a Beagle Board

I have a BeagleBoard. More info here. The BeagleBoard Wikipedia Page is actually easier to wade through to get the basic specs, imho. The board is built around a Texas Instruments OMAP3530 (Open Multimedia Application Platform) CPU.

I followed a qemu-based howto and used somebody else’s precompiled kernel to get it up and running with Debian, which was a success. However, I’d like to enable some more device support (and generally just hack around and make a mess), so I need to compile my own kernel.

This page on seems to the page with the most information about the appropriate patches for the linux kernel, and part of a BeagleBoard wiki seems to include basic instructions for getting and building the appropriate kernel sources using git. I will have to explore to see how to make changes to the config.

Update 20081209: It’s working.

Get the source:
git clone git://

I need to patch my kernel to support a Prolific PL-25A1 USB-to-USB bridge:

cd linux-omap-2.6.git
patch -p1 < /path/to/linux-netdev-pl21a.patch (from here)


make distclean
make omap3_beagle_defconfig
make menuconfig # turn on whatever else you care about
make uImage

I then copied my new uImage to the vfat parition of my SD card, and it booted right up. The HDMI video output isn’t working, but for my purposes at the moment I don’t care. USB is humming right along.


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