USB to serial adapter for OS X

The OSX-PL2303 project purports to provide a driver for a lot of different USB-to-serial adapters. Today I got a CablesToGo USB to serial DB9 adapter (26886). Without doing anything, just plugging in the device appears to have no effect. I then installed the OSX-PL2303 driver, which asked me to reboot. As the system was shutting down, it asked me something about rebuilding my boot cache. I’ve never seen this message before and I was anxious to get things going so I just hit okay, and sat there for 20 minutes watching the spinning progress indicator. I got impatient and power-cycled the machine, and it booted normally.

Now that I’ve installed the driver, connecting the device and doing ‘ls /dev/tty.*’ produces a new entry:


This looks like a success, but I’m not currently near my serial device so no promises yet. I’m currently trying to install minicom, which necessitates upgrading fink, which becomes complicated. We’ll see…

Update: it does work.


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