I’m supposed to be a clever fellow, given the nearly completed PhD and all. However, I’ve been fussing internally about how to get a fixed rear mountain bike wheel without spending a bunch of money. Even if I want to build it with junk I have lying around, I’ll have to shell out for spokes. Enter TomiCOG. I already have disc brakes, and this cog bolts on right where the disc does. Just flip the wheel. Why I didn’t come up with that on my own is cause for rumination and mental anguish. I’ll have to make sure I have the bike nearby when those thoughts creep up. I have a feeling that descending fixed in Frick Park is an effective way to sharpen one’s focus.

For maximal cheapness, I could take the conversion approach and drill a sufficiently metal cog from a low-end cassette or coaster brake. I read something somewhere about a good source of cogs for this. However, embarrassed by my own lack of creativity, I opt to reward TomiCOG for his innovation.


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