Bikes > Computers

Three out of my last four posts (four out of five if you count this one) have been about bikes, instead of computers! I have just spent the last 4 or 5 hours reading about various bike stuff online, culminating in the purchase of my TomiCog. I have been riding bikes for a long time, and I even occasionally race them badly. Although I took a four year hiatus to row, the bike is back! I attained higher cycling fitness in 2007 than I have had since high school, or perhaps ever. I rode the L-train to victory in the 2007 Grass Roots Racing Sprint Series, solely as a result of our mountain biking skills. I have already crashed more times in 2008 than I did in all of 2007. I now own a pink single-speed, and I can blame Bianchi warranty if too many big dudes start making fun of it. I built a wheel, though I haven’t ridden on it yet. I almost killed Mullen and myself on the way to Quebec Run due to resonating childish exuberance overpowering my ability to see red lights, and I got pulled over on the way home and escaped with only a warning!

This evening’s literary selections have included BikeSnobNYC and Mark Weaver’s Road Rant, as well as the discovery of 63xc, even if it has been disbanded and I didn’t learn much except a lot more people ride fixed gears off-road than I thought.

Aspirations for the year include acquisition of enough weight training and protective equipment to allow my 27-year-old nerd’s physique to survive the beating it’s going to receive, as I intend to introduce more frequent skinnies, stair gaps and try my hand at a downhill race or two. This may finally be the year of the open-ended wheelie and manual, as well as the open-ended backwards fixed-gear riding. Open-ended with respect to my own balance, though I remain woefully subject to the whims of yinzer motorists.


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