Trick or Treat!

Tonight I gave out candy while working on my laptop, which isn’t tooo bad since at least I left the lab for Halloween! Trick-or-treat in Pittsburgh ran from 5:30-7:30, according to KDKA. At 5:30 it was still quite light since daylight savings time still hasn’t ended. Since I had the laptop open, I tracked my trick-or-treaters:

2 @ ~5:20

1 @ 5:58

1 @ 6:06

1 @ 6:13

3 @ 6:38

1 @ 6:43

2 @ 6:59

1 @ 7:05

1 @ 7:06

7 @ 7:19 ** out of candy **

Less than half of them actually said “Trick-or-treat.” A similar fraction failed to say thank you. A smaller fraction actually blatantly grabbed multiple pieces of candy. I let this slide since their hands are a lot smaller than mine.

I decorated for the occasion by putting a bike helmet in the middle of a sheet, picking the sheet up around the helmet, and then tying some rope around the base of the helmet to basically make a sagging head of a ghost. It worked pretty well, so I made another one using our ice cream maker (essentially a plastic ball).


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