Transferring pictures from a Motorola RAZR

My dad’s cell phone is a Motorola RAZR. It has a USB interface for charging and, I assumed, connecting to a computer. Well, I assumed too much. Motorola really wants you to pay them to make your phone behave when connected to a computer, but I didn’t want to.

Fortunately, I found this page where somebody has already explained how to make this work. Essentially, it is necessary to install some Motorola-specific drivers (a whole pile of them, sadly). Windows can’t find these on its own, so you first download a ZIP file from that site and then point the Add New Device Wizard or wtf it’s called at the contents of the ZIP file. Once that’s done, a program called p2kCommander can be used to transfer files. Its interface is like that of a typical FTP GUI.

Not only did going through all of that suck, but the quality of the pictures that come from the RAZR’s camera also sucks. Boooo.


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