DD-WRT on a LinkSys WRT54G

I recently acquired a LinkSys WRT54G router, which is cool because LinkSys open-sourced the firmware and built these things with some pretty hefty hardware so with some aftermarket firmware this should be a sweet router. My serial number starts with CDF7, which both wikipedia and dd-wrt tell me means I have a revision 2.2 WRT54G.

I downloaded version 23, service pack 2 of the DD-WRT firmware. I decided to actually read the notes, which suggested that I first upgrade to the “mini generic” edition of DD-WRT and then, if everything works, upgrade to the “standard” version of DD-WRT from there. I did as I was told, using Firefox from my Apple laptop to install the “mini generic” version of DD-WRT. This worked great. I then tried to perform the further upgrade to the standard DD-WRT, and I kept getting “connection reset” errors in my browser. After a few of these, I decided to try Safari instead of Firefox, and things just worked.

I intend to setup a fancy home network where the DHCP server in the router actually gives my machines (one of which is a fancy HP laster printer with an ethernet port) names. I’ll probably update this post once I’ve done so.


1 thought on “DD-WRT on a LinkSys WRT54G

  1. That’s weird. I should have remembered that DD-WRT recommends using Internet Explorer but I find it strange. Maybe Chrome/Firefox optimize the HTTP connection in a way that DD-WRT’s httpd server doesn’t support or need to support. Thank goodness IE isn’t dead. ^_^

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