Broken Frame!!!

On Saturday, June 30, 2007, the downtube on my 2004 Bianchi Denali snapped in half! This is the most official broken bike part of my riding career, and I’m mighty proud of it. I have pictures of it; ask if you’d like a link to them.

The bike was still under warranty so at some future time I’ll probably make a post about my experiences with Bianchi. I can say, so far, that Pittsburgh Pro Bicycles has made the process painless with the exception of the waiting. They have the best computer system I’ve ever seen at a bike shop and thus knew all about my bike without me having to find all my receipts.

Update 7/24/2007:

Bianchi has agreed to warranty my frame but they don’t have any more Denali frames available (not that I would want one). They gave me the option of taking a complete bike, the Doss 6100, or taking a single speed frameset. Clearly, I want the single speed frameset. There’s one catch, though. The only one they have in my size is the P.U.S.S., and it’s color is “Pretty in Pink.” If it’s not immediately obvious to you that this is awesome, well, I feel bad for you.


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