Moraine Adventure Dash

Lenny and I won the Grass Roots Racing Moraine Adventure Dash! I will write more about it here as I get time.

There is a writeup by the race organizers and the Tribune Review, and there is a video on the Tribune Review website. Kathleen took a lot of pictures (ask me for a link) and served as an excellent support crew. Somebody named Tom Prigg also made a video.


DD-WRT on a LinkSys WRT54G

I recently acquired a LinkSys WRT54G router, which is cool because LinkSys open-sourced the firmware and built these things with some pretty hefty hardware so with some aftermarket firmware this should be a sweet router. My serial number starts with CDF7, which both wikipedia and dd-wrt tell me means I have a revision 2.2 WRT54G.

I downloaded version 23, service pack 2 of the DD-WRT firmware. I decided to actually read the notes, which suggested that I first upgrade to the “mini generic” edition of DD-WRT and then, if everything works, upgrade to the “standard” version of DD-WRT from there. I did as I was told, using Firefox from my Apple laptop to install the “mini generic” version of DD-WRT. This worked great. I then tried to perform the further upgrade to the standard DD-WRT, and I kept getting “connection reset” errors in my browser. After a few of these, I decided to try Safari instead of Firefox, and things just worked.

I intend to setup a fancy home network where the DHCP server in the router actually gives my machines (one of which is a fancy HP laster printer with an ethernet port) names. I’ll probably update this post once I’ve done so.

MySQL and backupninja

backupninja has been the subject of several of my postings over the years. I finally decided to use it to automatically backup some MySQL databases (i.e., this blog) instead of running a mysqldump manually whenever I think of it (not too often). I did `aptitude install backupninja` and then used `ninjahelper` to tell it to dump all MySQL databases.

I ran into one glitch during a test run where backupninja produced:

Backupninja failed with the following error:
== fatal errors from /etc/backup.d/20.mysql
== Fatal: Can't find config file in /root/.my.cnf

My esteemed colleague Mr. Parno pointed out that removing “user=root” from /etc/backup.d/20.mysql does the trick. Calc keeps hanging

I am trying to be a good open-source software proponent, thus I’ve been using OOo Calc for my spreadsheeting needs instead of Excel. Sadly, I’m giving up on it. The problem is not a lack of features, rather, without explanation, OOo Calc will suddenly use 100% CPU for intervals measuring in the tens of seconds, at which time it is totally unresponsive. To my amazement, this has not resulted in any crashes. Still, it is unacceptable. I hope this is a known issue and will be resolved soon.