Montour Trail milepost 25 – 17 and back

Kathleen and I went on a ride today, parking at the McConnel Road access point of the Montour Trail. We rode west for approximately 8 miles, ate lunch, and then rode back. We were somewhat disappointed to discover that there is an incomplete bridge on this stretch of trail, but we asked one of the workmen who were hammering away on the west end of the bridge, and there was an easy road detour of less than half a mile. Now that the ride is over, I can easily see that the bridge is out by looking at the Cecil map. Before the ride, I only checked the map that had the parking area of interest (the Peters map). Lesson learned.

Probably the most interesting part of the ride was the big McDonald Trestle we took over top of the Panhandle Trail. Kathleen just happened to spot a giant hornet’s nest off the edge of the bridge, but it was far enough from the trail surface not to present any problems. We took some pictures, which I’ll try to link to soon.


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