CUPS and Debian Print Server

I used base-config to tell my old Debian Sarge system to become a print server. Then I dist-upgrade’ed to Etch. This took care of getting CUPS installed. I then navigated my web browser to http://localhost:631/ and was able to add my parallel port laser printer and print a successful test page. My HP LaserJet 4100dtn is PCL 6 compliant, and that was one of the options for HP printers.

The tricky bit was sharing this printer with my OS X system. Sadly, I tried so many different things, that I don’t know which one was the one that worked. Here is what I *think* worked.

OS X uses CUPS to print, so you can point a web browser to http://localhost:631/ on your Apple system! Then add a new printer using the IPP protocol. The default CUPS configuration on Debian Etch seems to add ‘printers’ to the path, so your ipp:// URI should look something like this:


After doing this, I think this new printer will become visible in the “Shared Printers” dropdown when you print from any Apple application. The bottom line is to use the OS X CUPS interface directly and not the System Preferences GUI.


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