When I work on a LaTeX document in Linux, I build it to a PS file and use GhostView to preview it. I like GhostView’s ability to auto-update when I rebuild the document, so that it’s always displaying the current version. Now, GhostView can be compiled for OS X, but then I have to run an X server for it to display. I’m too lazy to do that all the time and too particular to have the extra program running all the time.

In OS X, the native PS viewer is the built-in, which converts the PS to PDF and then displays it. That takes a while, so now I build my LaTeX documents directly to PDF. This is a little better, because `open paper.pdf` does open the paper.

Now, when I make a change to one of my documents, I need to click “Revert” from the File menu in That was annoying, so I mapped a keyboard shortcut for it. “System Preferences -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts”. However, does not cope well. The “Drawer” fails to update, and search functionality degrades after one or more Reverts.

Today I installed TexShop, and I am very pleased to learn that it can preview a PDF and auto-update it when the file changes (In the preferences for TeXShop, under the “Preview” pane, check the box for “Automatic Preview Update”). TexShop is a really big hammer for viewing PDF files, so I’ll probably look into what else it can do and put Emacs in jeopardy as my default LaTeX editor. Exciting stuff.


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