So I got a new Macbook Pro and I decided to make it the primary home of my photos and movies, instead of my Mac Mini. Copying my photos was as simple as copying the entire “~/Pictures/iPhoto Library” folder to the same location on the new machine. Do take care that iPhoto is not running while you do this.

To move my music over, I used Senuti, which, like its name implies, is basically iTunes backwards. It treats the iPod as the center of the universe, and let’s you selectively move things to the local iTunes library. Things can include your entire music library, all playlists, and all metadata like ratings and number of times played. I got slightly confused by its instructions, thinking I was supposed to drag things from the Senuti window to the iTunes window. That’s not true, just drag them around within Senuti. Also, take care to change Senuti’s preferences such that either (1) iTunes does not automatically manage your song files and folders, or (2) Senuti copies the files directly into your “~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music” folder. I went with the later, since I like having iTunes automatically manage my files and folders. If you don’t do one of these things, you end up with two copies of everything. Learn more at the Senuti FAQ.


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