Props to the people who maintain fglrx-driver for Debian

I have a Dell system with an ATI Radeon X600 video card. Running Linux and using that card has been a continual pain, as I’ve had to go get ATI’s latest Linux driver and figure out wtf to do with it. Well, I updated my system at some point in the last 3 weeks, and this morning I rebooted for the first time. Well the ATI driver I had supported 6.8, not 7.1.1, and on and on. While Googling to find a solution, I discovered that a Debian packaged ‘fglrx-driver’ now exists! I `aptitude install`ed it, and bam, X worked again! Phew…

Update: I did a fresh reinstall of Debian Etch and X would not work. I needed to add “contrib non-free” to the end of the lines in /etc/apt/sources.list, do `aptitude update`, and `aptitude install fglrx-driver`.


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