Dates and iPhoto

I did something wonderful today! I went back through all the digital photograph “rolls” which I imported into iPhoto upon originally getting iPhoto (since I’d already had a digital camera for 3 years by then), and set the roll dates to be the date when the pictures were taken, as opposed to being the date that they were imported. For most of them, I had actually included the date in the name of the roll anyway, so I wasn’t concerned. For many of the others, the metadata which JPEG allows contained a date. For a select few scanned photographs and digitals taken by a camera with an incorrect clock, I had to do things the hard way. In iPhoto, you can click on a “roll” in Library view, and the Information window in the lower left gives a date for the whole roll, as well as a range of dates during which pictures in the roll were taken. It is this date for the whole roll which I corrected. Now, my iPhoto library is actually in chronological order.


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