Walking to the Sky and the Gates Center

Walking to the Sky has been erected on CMU’s campus! Here is a link to the artist’s website, and here is a link to a CMU Press Release. This project is not very popular among the CMU students because most people seem to think it’s ugly (I think it’s wierd enough that its being ugly is acceptable). I first learned about the plan to put it up on campus from misc.market, a bboard at CMU which is designed for selling things (and does this well) but exists in an ever-changing state of unmoderated bliss (I base my statement that most CMU students think the sculpture is ugly on the assumption that people who flame each other on misc.market compose a representative subset of the CMU student population). My main concern, inspired by a misinformed misc.market poster, was that the sculpture was going to ruin the ability to, e.g., throw a frisbee on The Cut. The sculpture is in one corner of The Cut, however, so I don’t think it hurts anything. It’s so bizarre that I actually think its presence will be fun. Everybody who comes to campus will say, “what the hell is that?” and I’ll have a story to tell them.

The Gates Center has also started to become reality. After many weeks of putting up fences and evicting people, some stuff actually got demolished today. Stuff in this instance is the garages between Newell-Simon and Hamburg Halls. I would say the old student center’s days are numbered, also.


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