DOS Boot CD and BIOS Upgrade

Some dude named Bart made this page which allows one to make a bootable CD-ROM which will yield a DOS prompt. This enabled me to upgrade the BIOS in an older Dell computer system without getting tangled up in the headaches of floppy disks (namely, that there weren’t any computers around that could read or write them). I downloaded 3 files:,, and, and unzipped them all into the same directory, c:\bcd. Bart also wanted me to download wnaspi32.dll from Nero. The link was broken but I searched my local hard drive and I already had a copy of that file into c:\bcd\bin. I then copied the actual BIOS flash utility from Dell, g1_a10.exe, into C:\bfd107\cds\cdromsi\files. I ran `bcd cdromsi` from a command prompt on my Windows XP system, and shockingly it burned me a CD. The CD booted, and I had to select “no emm386” for the BIOS flasher to be happy. I then executed r:\g1_a10.ece and successfully flashed the BIOS. Thank you Bart.


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