BBS Documentary!!!

Slashdot just told me about the BBS Documentary project. As someone who got their start in computers logging onto BBS systems, and later running a BBS of my own, I found this to be very exciting.

I ran “Realm of Insanity,” out of Washington, PA for a year or two around 1995, as a 7th and 8th grade student. Standing as what I consider to be my biggest computer-related mistake of all-time, I had the entire BBS backed up on a tape drive (once the Internet “came out” and I closed down the BBS) which I later sold. The buyer haggled me, and in the end I decided to throw in the tapes as well. My entire BBS was thus lost forever.

It is listed in the BBS Documentary, though! Right here! I was a frequent visitor to “Zorro” and “Land of the Lost”. My best friend at the time, Brian Hamman, ran “SubAtomic Domain.”

Those were “the good old days” from my perspective.

I remember most vividly using TheDraw to try to create cooler ASCII art than my friend. Here is a page where you can download TheDraw. Another ASCII editor of that era was ANSIPaint.

I haven’t managed to run these under Windows XP yet, but I haven’t really tried yet. šŸ™‚


1 thought on “BBS Documentary!!!

  1. also has some software from back in the day that will bring back many memories (such as the betas of Netscape– the ones where it forced you to download a new one every few months). As for BBSs, I mainly hung out on the Apogee one. The oldest thing I can remember playing was Commander Keen: Land of The Vorticons, though I’m fairly sure it was after 1990 that I played it:

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