Developing C++ Series 60 Applications under Linux

My motivation for creating this little page is to pull together resources that I found valuable while developing an application for Symbian OS 7.0s under Linux.

Simon Woodside’s HowTo
Symbian SDK on Unix HowTo

I had to downgrade bison; I used 1.29. I confirmed 1.75 and 1.875 do not work.

Symbian 7.0s C++ API Reference
Symbian 7.0 C++ API Reference
Symbian OS Error Codes from NewLC

Symbian’s Active Objects

IT++ C++ Lib.
Computing Algebraic Codes
4i2i Reed-Solomon Codes

RegEx commands to fix case of included files, work under ZShell (Which
you should be using if you’re not, see this.)

for i in *.h; do perl -pi -e "s/\Q$i\E/$i/i" ../src/*.cpp ../inc/*.h; done

“path to gcc include directory”
“path to editor example include directory”

Related projects:
Visual Codes


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