VNC between OS X and Windows

I have a Mac Mini but it is far away from me… so very sad. I decided to figure out how to get VNC running so I can at least pretend I’m sitting in front of it.

I am using OSXvnc 1.5 as the VNC server on my Mac, and Tight VNC 1.2.9 as the client on my laptop running Windows XP.

The tricky bit was installing OSXvnc without actually sitting in front of the Mac. Usually, I download a .dmg file and double-click it to mount. Well, it turns out you can do this via the command line:

% sudo hdiutil attach OSXvnc1.5.dmg
% cd /Volumes
% ls
Macintosh HD OSXvnc
% cd OSXvnc/
% sudo ./OSXvnc-server

2005-08-04 07:47:12.870 OSXvnc-server[6269] Main Bundle: /Volumes/OSXvnc/
2005-08-04 07:47:12.873 OSXvnc-server[6269] Loading Bundle /Volumes/OSXvnc/
2005-08-04 07:47:12.876 OSXvnc-server[6269] Keyboard Loading - Disabled
2005-08-04 07:47:12.877 OSXvnc-server[6269] Press Modifiers For Character - Disabled
2005-08-04 07:47:12.882 OSXvnc-server[6269] Pasteboard Inaccessible - Pasteboard sharing disabled
2005-08-04 07:47:12.884 OSXvnc-server[6269] Started Listener Thread on port 5900
2005-08-04 07:47:12.886 OSXvnc-server[6269] Registering Rendezvous Service - sweep.local
2005-08-04 07:47:12.887 OSXvnc-server[6269] Waiting for clients

UPDATE: A VNC server is included in OS X from 10.4 on


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