Mountain Bike Rides near White Plains, NY

I also did a ride at West Woods Trails in Connecticut. We got lost and accidentally rode big chunks of the yellow circle, yellow square, and purple trails. Apparently they’re not supposed to be open at the present time. The yellow square and purple trails are largely rideable, if you really like slow-going technical stuff. I would keep away from the yellow circle. There are some sections that border on rock climbing, which is pretty precarious with a bike in tow. 🙂

I’ve done a good bit of mountain biking this summer, most of it near White Plains, NY. I thought I’d catalog where I’ve been.

Sprain Ridge Park is a small park that has lots of twisty singletrack. There are plenty of difficult technical spots. It’s easy to tailor a ride to whatever length you want, making this park one of my favorites for night rides.

Graham Hills is another small park with a surprising number of trails inside. DirtWorld talks about it here. The one so-called “crazy” descent is steep, but there’s nothing too special about it if you know how to modulate your brakes. 😉

Blue Mountain is a larger park with all kinds of trails in it. There’s a slow technical one called The Monster. Other trails to check out include Upper and Lower SIS, the Yin and the Yang, and everything else. All the trails are of consistent high quality. There’s even a Mountain Bike Festival here during the summer, which I had the pleasure of attending.

Saxon Woods Park is a cool little park on Mamaroneck Avenue, which anybody who has been to White Plains knows is one of the major streets through town. At the south end of Mamaroneck Ave., where it meets the Hutchinson River Parkway, is Saxon Woods Park. The place has some sizeable drops and steep descents. Lots of good behind-the-saddle stuff. Great fun at night.

If you’ve looked carefully at these links, they’re all in‘s Parks section. It’s an impressive website for a government to maintain. I suppose that’s fitting based on the mean income in West Chester County.


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