iPod woes

My iPod has periodically decided to not work. Its symptoms include the hard drive making a “spin….. CLICK” sound repeatedly instead of playing music. I tried doing a cold reboot (hold down menu and select (the round button)) until it reboots (about 5 seconds). This fixed it once.

Recently it misbehaved a second time. The cold reset was not good enough. I then tried to troubleshoot the iPod with Apple’s instructions. Putting into disk mode did not help; it just did a spin…. click in disk mode instead. I connected it to the computer anyways, which pissed the computer off horribly since it couldn’t actually read the data (you all know what it’s like when Windows Explorer freezes because some hardware device is broken).

So I downloaded the iPod Updater from Apple and I was at first still stuck because the thing is just spin…. click-ing and the computer won’t recognize it. So I tried an age old technique — I smacked it off the table. Wouldn’t you know it, it spun up normally and I was able to update its firmware.

Since then it has behaved properly for one commute to work. We shall see what the future holds!


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