So I’m an IBM intern this summer, working at their T. J. Watson research laboratory in Hawthorne, NY. This is just a few miles from White Plains, where I am living in a dorm room for the summer.

So far, I have gone into New York City every weekend except one. During that one weekend I flew home to my sister’s high school graduation party (Congratulations Sista!). This past weekend my girlfriend Kathleen came up to visit. We spent Saturday and Sunday in the city. On Saturday we took a Harbor Cruise from Battery Park, which went up the Hudson River, past the statue of Liberty, and up the East River. Kath and I agree that the announcer was born for his job. It’s nice to see somebody end up where they can excel (seriously). We then had lunch with Kath’s cousin and spent a while walking around in Central Park. In particular, there was a little pond with remote controlled toy sailboats. Though we didn’t drive any, spectating was entertaining enough! Dinner was had in the theater district at an Italian restaurant. The food and pricing was pretty good but the wait staff annoyed me throughout. At 8:00 pm we sat down to enjoy Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Hilton Theater. Man was it sweet! After that we wondered around confused for a bit.

On Sunday Kath & I spent the day hanging out with Bro, Jon C., Serena, and Kara — all UVA-era architects. I’m tired of writing about NYC now, except that we ended the day by going to a comedy club. The comics were decent, especially considering the very reasonable cost, but the crowd was lame and thus the show suffered a bit.

One other point: in a thrift shop a “Puerto Rico” song was playing that I must locate. All I know about the artists is one word: Omar. Anybody with information leading to my acquisition of a copy of this song will be rewarded.

I have also been doing more mountain biking than I’ve done in a long time. I met a cool group of guys who ride regularly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturdays and Sundays. On Tuesday and Thursday we typically ride until after it gets dark, which requires the use of a light. I recently purchased an ARC Li Ion from Light & Motion. I chose this light because I arranged for the purchase of a similar model for use by members of the UVA Mountain Bike Club (of which I was the president during the 2003 academic year).