Mac Mini!

Update (7/13/2005) – These seem really cool. Feel free to give me one.

I have a Mac Mini!

I’m in the process of transitioning from my old Windows XP machine to the Mac Mini. Things I’ve done so far:

Enable the root account.

Install Microsoft’s RDC Client.

Copy a whole bunch of files from my Windows XP machine to the Mini using FlashFXP, easily the nicest FTP software I’ve ever used. I connected these two machines off of the Internet so the cleartext FTP data didn’t risk yielding any of my oh-so-valuable secrets. 🙂

Switch my iTunes music library to the new computer. This was actually quite easy. I copied all the music files from my “iTunes Music” folder on my old computer to ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music”, and copied the “iTunes 4 Music Library.itl” file over the “iTunes Music Library” file in ~/Music/iTunes. I also copied the “iTunes Music Library.xml” file from/to the same folders, respecitvely. I tried to play a song I had purchased with iTunes, it poped up a dialog box to authorize my new computer, I entered my password, and I was rolling. To make things even better, my iPod just worked. I didn’t have to erase everything from it and reassosciate it with the new computer.


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