Recollecting Tahoe last year

This weblog is fun to maintain, and the feedback is enthusiastic. It evinces the desire to have such a log for my other trips west. Seeing as how Brett and I were principle participants in last year’s Tahoe trip, I thought I’d take this time to summarize that trip here:

Skiing at and near Lake Tahoe, California, December 2003.

We stayed at two different places. One belonged to the parents of a friend of Brett’s. The other belonged to the uncle of a friend of Brett’s. All I know was that the price was right: bagel.

We skiied at four different resorts, Tuesday through Friday:

Alpine Meadows – 1 day
Northstar / Tahoe – 1 days
Heavenly – 1 day
Squaw Valley – 1 day

The original plan was to ski Sunday as well, but we had car trouble.

Pictures for this trip.