1000 miles in 12:59!

We just hit the 1,000 mile mark for the day!

Starting time, place, and odomenter: 8:52 am Mountain Time, Bozeman Montana, 38040.

1000 mile mark: 10:55 pm Central Standard time, Mile marker 288 in Nebraska, 39040

Weather: clear, 40 degrees

We’ve been making a pathetic attempt to play p’diddle, but the score is still only 1-1. Our rule is that a miscall is simply a penalty of -1, rather than a complete reset, due to the unusually long duration of the game. As I said, however, the attempt has been pathetic, so it doesn’t much matter.

106 miles remain to Lincoln, Nebraska
150 miles remain to Omaha, Nebraska

Laugh as the sun… laugh as the sun… laugh as the sun.