Gas 7: Ogallala, Nebraska

Odometer reading: 38877
Time: 7:46 or 8:46, not sure which time zone we’re in. The cell phones keep updating their time back and forth between time zones.

Brett is back behind the wheel, and we are back on a real Interstate. I-80 baby!

We haven’t managed to finish an entire song on the iPod in quite a while. We’ve determined that Billy Joel had it pegged that 3:05 is the longest a song can keep a listener’s attention. Hence, at 3:05, we hit next. This is helping us move through Brett’s playlist of 512 cool songs more quickly. Seeing as how it’s either 8 or 9 pm, and we still have about 400 miles to go tonight, we just might get through it tonight!

Nebraska is _dark_.

Bombs over Baghdad…


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