Ice climbing!

We ice climbed this morning! It was pretty freakin’ sweet. Matt and Booth set up two top roped climbs. I did each one twice without falling, although Booth had to challenge my manhood to get me up one of them. Goldberg had a similar experience.

We took plenty of pictures, which will get on here eventually.

Basically we drove like 15 miles up this snowy valley by a creek and then hiked 10 or 15 minutes to the base of the climb.

Cramp-ons kick ass. I might start wearing them around all the time. When you kick something, it notices. The ice axes aren’t bad either. We’ll have some battle photos soon.

My hands are tired from grabbing those damned axes.

It snowed pretty consistently the whole time we were climbing. Tomorrow is likely to be a kickin’ ski day.

We’re now off to spend a little time seeing where Matt works… formerly Jungst Scientific, now part of BlackHawk. BlackHawk makes “tactical gear” which is the stuff special forces dudes get all fired up about, like especially badassed flashlights and big metal bars for smashing doors, and gun holsters.

Brett has nothing to add, he is useless.