Sex and drugs and house

Today we went skiing at Moonlight, in accordance with the plan. It was more fun than Mount Baker since the snow was better, but it still wasn’t particularly awesome. We took a number of pictures, which we’ll be putting on here soon. Also of note is the free half-day pass they gave us just because we got a half-day pass today. We’ll probably be going back there if we decide to do some more skiing.

I told Brett about the D-Devils (a techno music group) and we got fired up about it today. That is the explanation for the weird title for today’s post. Here is a movie of my best D-Devils impression!

We ate dinner at a place called Montana Ale Works. It was good.

Soon we’re going to get all the gear in order for ice climbing tomorrow. Stop worrying about it… you’re only scared because you don’t know anything about it.

Like I said, we took pictures and made a movie today. We’ll put that stuff on here soon.