Anacaonda Opportunity Monday Night

Well, we are safely settled in at my cousin Matt’s place in Bozeman. We expect to remain here until Thursday or Friday. He has a nice house close to town, and 3 roommates. As one might expect, there is outdoor gear everywhere and a lot of hand-made furniture.

Highlight of the drive: big green sign informing travelers of the adventures that await on route 1 at exit 208 in Montana: “Anaconda Opportunities”

Tomorrow’s plan: skiing at Moonlight Basin

Wednesday’s plan: ice climbing 15 miles outside Bozeman.

Thursday’s plan: TBD

There hasn’t been any new snow anywhere near here in a while. While this allows us to make great time on the highway, it makes the skiing suck. Hopefully we will enjoy ourselves at Moonlight, but I could go for some pow. 🙂

Some ramblings we meant to include on the road from Washington to Montana, but couldn’t since there was no service:

We each got dinner at Subway using Subway club cards — thus dinner was cheap.

Brett spent 25 minutes spelling 6 letters in the dark using long exposure times and a blue power LED on my laptop car adpater. The exact letters that were created shall be revealed at a later time.

We peed on a speed-limit sign. Photo documentation will be made available soon.

My beef jerkey did not sit well with the Jack-in-the-Box breakfast, sour fish candy, pretzels, mountain dew, Subway, and gatorade. It’s all better now.

Oh, Matt has wireless internet here at his house. That makes doing this easy.

Respective ladies: there were an inordinate number of shooting stars visible while driving after dark.

There is a big spider on the wall of Matt’s house right now.

Oh, and it was dark, and I mean dark, by 4:30 PM. We are too far north for daylight at this time of year. Booo.


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  1. you did WHAT to that speed limit sign???? may I ask WHY? it was probably telling you to SLOW DOWN (like I would be!!)

    Re: ice climbing….? Two words: be careful! XOXOXO

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