Mount Baker

On Sunday we (Brett, Ryan Asdo, and myself) skiied at Mount Baker, which is NorthEast of Seattle. The weather was absolutely beautiful, which means the snow wasn’t. Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We had a ski-in, ski-out parking spot, which was nice since it was unusually warm and we stopped to ditch our jackets.

There was a glacier visible on one of the nearby mountains, which was quite impressive. It’s actually a color that is similar to the color of Right Guard’s “glacier” anti-perspirant.

Brett and I are of similar skiing abilities. Ryan is less experienced. Thus, we split up a lot. Shockingly, even when we thought we’d lost him, we’d run into him again on the very same run. T’was convenient.

For a while we made a “friend.” Some dude who was a former marine rode up one of the 2-person lifts with Brett. I don’t know what they talked about, but the 4 of us (Brett, Ryan, marine dude, myself) skiied together for several hours. The 2-person lifts at Mount Baker can be accurately described as “sketchy as hell.”