WashPa at last

Odometer reading: 40226

It was snowy today, but we went slow and got here uneventfully.


Bugs, naps, Cincinnati: 71

I couldn’t muster the strength to stay conscious through Indianapolis. Thus, I missed the beautiful Indiana and Ohio scenery from 50 miles outside Indianapolis to 71 miles outside Cincinnati. That’s right, only 71 more miles in today’s driving!!!

I woke up once to change sides, and I thought it was raining a little bit. it turns out Brett was just washing the windshield. Indiana does have bugs.

Odometer reading: 39875

Indianapolis, and light

Odometer reading: 39776

We’re about 50 miles away from Indianapolis, which puts us at less than 200 miles from Cincinnati. Awesome!

In Seattle and Bozeman it was dark by 4 pm. Down by Indianapolis it stays light almost a full hour longer. Longitude is cool.

Gas 10: Champaign, IL

It’s cold and windy here, but we’re well within 200 miles of Indianapolis, which is quite close to Cincinnati!

There is a Jimmy John’s at this Shell Station! This is the best food we’ve had since leaving Bozeman!

Brett & I are both sick and tired of music.

Brett is back behind the wheel.

Odometer reading: 39706