Getting this thing to work

I had some troubles with MySql, and then some more troubles with WordPress itself.

But first, some credit to websites that helped me get this going:
Installing Apache, MySql, and PHP
MySql Commands
MySql Users and Permissions Stuff
Wordpres FAQ on Step 3 (see below)
Page that gave me the clue about mysql.sock (see below)

The problem with MySql was that some components were looking for /tmp/mysql.sock and others were looking for /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock. The file in /tmp did not exist, so I merely symlinked it. Like this:

ln -s /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock /tmp/mysql.sock

That seemed to fix the installation of MySql. Next I had to realize I needed to create a database for WordPress in the MySql database. I couldn’t find an instruction that said this was necessary anywhere. No big deal, it’s easy to do. Just do: create database inside the mysql program, which I ran with: t -p to get the proper CREATE permissions.

After all this, WordPress was having a hell of a time with “Step 3” of the installation process (which one starts by pointing a browser to It seemed to get to Step 3 successfully, but then it hung. Looking inside the database, tables were being created in the wordpress database I made, which seemed about right.

But, after googling on the problem, I saw that I was by no means alone in experiencing it. I grabbed the latest nightly build, which happens to be wordpress-2004-08-26.tar.gz, and kept my config file (wp-config.php) without modification. Magically, it just worked. So I made this entry to remind myself of the process. Yippy Skippy.