Mike returns

My roommate got back from Canada but forgot to take his parents their ice wine. He’s a bad person.


Recent rides

Update 7.27.2005: The link to all the rides below now links to some lame advertising crap. If I find that list’s new home, I’ll link to it again.

I discovered this collection of road rides to do in the Pittsburgh area recently and it seems to me a fun goal to try to do as many of them as I can.

Yesterday I did the Gill Hall ride with Justin and Milikowsky. Two days before I did part of the Pitcairn ride with Milikowsky, but we ran out of daylight and had to cut it short through Wilkinsburg. I don’t recommend that.

Blogging ideology

I can’t decide how seriously to take this thing (blog) — it has a certain appeal that I must admit is hard to resist. Also, though the technical details are not revolutionary, the ability for me to send an email from my cell phone anywhere it has coverage that is automatically transformed into a blog entry is phenomenal. I’m excited to try this on, e.g., a cross-country bike or car trip.

Getting this thing to work

I had some troubles with MySql, and then some more troubles with WordPress itself.

But first, some credit to websites that helped me get this going:
Installing Apache, MySql, and PHP
MySql Commands
MySql Users and Permissions Stuff
Wordpres FAQ on Step 3 (see below)
Page that gave me the clue about mysql.sock (see below)

The problem with MySql was that some components were looking for /tmp/mysql.sock and others were looking for /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock. The file in /tmp did not exist, so I merely symlinked it. Like this:

ln -s /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock /tmp/mysql.sock

That seemed to fix the installation of MySql. Next I had to realize I needed to create a database for WordPress in the MySql database. I couldn’t find an instruction that said this was necessary anywhere. No big deal, it’s easy to do. Just do: create database inside the mysql program, which I ran with: t -p to get the proper CREATE permissions.

After all this, WordPress was having a hell of a time with “Step 3” of the installation process (which one starts by pointing a browser to http://machine.hosting.blog/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php). It seemed to get to Step 3 successfully, but then it hung. Looking inside the database, tables were being created in the wordpress database I made, which seemed about right.

But, after googling on the problem, I saw that I was by no means alone in experiencing it. I grabbed the latest nightly build, which happens to be wordpress-2004-08-26.tar.gz, and kept my config file (wp-config.php) without modification. Magically, it just worked. So I made this entry to remind myself of the process. Yippy Skippy.